Take a trip back to 1998 in the long awaited return of the iconic SYNDRONES. The original fitted overalls you remember and love are back with a modernized fit and fabric. Made with premium stretch raw denim and classic white stitching.


SNUG was created in direct response to practical needs and aesthetic ideals that eluded definition until the shapes which made it up were forged from imagination and intent.  Once life was breathed into the clothing, the clothing took on an identity and life of its own.  

SNUG was created in 1995 out of the collaboration of two creative forces, bringing fashion and function together as one. SNUG was born out of a time and a place, but quickly became universal and timeless. Since then, Tony Holiday and Greg Blagoev have each pursued the strengths and qualities they embodied as young designers, paying tribute to the same vital forces which shaped the past, while looking to a future that is still being written. 

SNUG became synonymous with the individualism, innovation, and energy of a generation. Seeds which were planted in the underground have flourished to colour and shape the cities and the people who were there from the start. 

SNUG represents streetwear that is as much contemporary as it is full of nostalgia. Symbolic of a golden time rooted in the past, and a future full of possibility, SNUG is reimagined with the same attention to detail and creative vision that gave it power and vitality in the beginning.  In a timeline as unpredictable and volatile as ever, SNUG remains committed to charting new directions on “The Oscillating Path of Discontinuity”.